Our Story

It is a story we have all heard a million times.  One where we have been told for years how bad single use plastics are and how they are destroying our oceans, our beaches, our planet.  We have heard about this and know it is happening and do our best to be more conscious about the items we buy, but it is not until you see it with your own eyes that it REALLY hits home.  When you are on a long awaited vacation, ready to enjoy a glorious day at a stunning beach, and all you see for miles is trash.  So instead of hitting the waves and laying in the sun, you and your friends wake up every morning, drink a cup of coffee, and hit the beach to pick up trash.  We think we are doing our part to help, but what else can we do?  This was the topic of our conversations almost every night on this vacation.  Then it hit us.  A wine label that kicks back 100% of its profits to help the cause.  It’s not much, but as people in the wine industry, it is what we can do from home.  So pop the cork, enjoy some good wine, and help us RID this world of the trash that is destroying it.