Our Story

Our story is not a new one, in fact you have probably heard a version of it a dozen times. It starts with some friends on vacation, ready to enjoy a week at a beautiful beach catching some sun and waves. Instead, when you get to that beach, all you see is miles of trash and plastic. We have all heard about how horrible single use plastics are for oceans, our beaches, our world, but it is not until you see it with your own two eyes that it REALLY hits home. It is like a punch in the gut. So, instead of catching those waves first thing in the morning, you and your friends drink a cup of coffee and then hit the beach to walk up and down picking up everything you can. We think we are doing our part to help out, but what else can we do besides finding alternatives to the plastic we use and buy every day? This was the topic of our conversations many nights that week. Then it hit us. A wine label that kicks back 100% of its profits to help with the cleanup. It is not much, but as people in the wine industry, it is what we can do from home to help. So pop the cork, enjoy some good wine, and help us RID the world of the trash that is destroying it.


Luke Stanko was born and raised in Michigan. He grew up in a family that appreciated good food and wine, which led him to develop an interest in the wine industry from a young age. After completing his high school education, he enrolled at Michigan State University, where he pursued a degree in Plant Science.

During his time at Michigan State, Luke learned about the science of winemaking and developed a deep understanding of the wine industry. He also gained hands-on experience working at local wineries, honing his skills in grape growing and wine production. After completing his degree, Luke moved to Canada to further his education at Brock University, where he earned a degree in Oenology and Viticulture. 

In 2012, Luke moved to California to begin his career in the wine industry. He landed a job at Rams Gate Winery in Sonoma, where he rose to the rank of Associate winemaker. At Rams Gate, he worked with some of the Vineyards in Sonoma and Napa County, gaining valuable experience in all aspects of winemaking. In 2018, He joined Grand Cru Custom Crush as production manager and director of winemaking and began consulting on wine brand in Napa and Sonoma, with a emphasis on sourcing grapes from specific vineyards that are ideally suited to producing premium wines.

In 2021, Luke was named winemaker for Bellacana Vineyards, with the focus on create wines that respect vintage and place.

Current Release

2018 Alexander Valley Cabernet

In 2018, a wet winter led into a dry and evenly warm season, resulting in gradual ripening and a relaxed and controlled harvest. Our Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a transparent expression of the vintage, where the keyword is balance. The 2018 Vintage is rich and opulent, yet detailed, restrained in style, and terroir-driven, due to its fully ripe, but not overripe, style.


Cabernet Sauvignon (100%)


Alexander Valley


28 months French oak (25% new)




48 cases


An intoxicating nose of red and black cherries, kirsch, dusky plums, blackberry, and sweet French oak introduce expressive flavors of cassis, dark berries, graphite, and vanilla, balanced by refreshing acidity, all enveloped by firm yet supple tannins and an impressively lingering finish. This vintage of Alexander Valley Cabernet displays impeccable balance, with not a single feature out of harmony or balance.

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